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Automatic Shampoo Foaming Dog Bath Brush

Automatic Shampoo Foaming Dog Bath Brush

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Our Automatic Shampoo Foaming Dog Bath Brush is made of silicone, which has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, easy cleaning, and quick drying. It is an excellent pet shampoo brush for grooming and bathing, which can quickly scrub away dirt, dead skin and loose fur.

It has a soap dispenser box, open the lid on the top of the scrubber and add an appropriate amount of soap before use, just press the button and it will automatically foam. This silicone brush is wireless, handheld, and lightweight, which can be used at home and outdoors (yards, gardens, campsites, parks, seaside, etc.) without scene restrictions. It fits dogs and cats of all sizes, great for long-haired dogs and cats.

Product information: Material: ABS Product category: Bathing/Massage Brush Product size: 160 * 170 * 10mm Color box size: 19.5 * 10.3 * 23 Product weight: 400g Packing list: Bubble machine * 1 charging cable * 1.

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