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Cat Scratch Board Grinding Cat Claws Cat Toys

Cat Scratch Board Grinding Cat Claws Cat Toys

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The Cat Scratch Board is a specialized cat toy that provides a surface for your cat to grind their claws on. This helps maintain healthy claws and satisfies their natural scratching instincts, preventing damage to furniture in the process. Many Cat Scratch Boards are designed with multiple layers and angles to provide different textures and areas for your cat to scratch. This variety of scratching surfaces can keep your pet entertained and engaged for hours, promoting healthy exercise and play.

Additionally, the rough surface of the scratch board can help remove loose fur and prevent hairballs, which can be another health benefit for your feline friend. Overall, a Cat Scratch Board is a great investment for any cat owner looking to provide their pet with an outlet for play, exercise, and overall health and wellness.

Product information: Material: particle board, fur, sisal rope; Product Category: Cat Toys; Packing quantity: random; Color: colorful cat toy-yellow, colorful cat toy-pink; Specification: 25*25*35.5cm; Function 1: Bridge and cat furniture, cat house; Function 2: Kitten climbing frame, sisal toy; Function 3: Wear-resistant scratching cat claw board cat toy; Packing list: Cat toy x1.

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