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Electric Bait Fly Trap

Electric Bait Fly Trap

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Say goodbye to pesky flies with our line of fly control products! Our fly baits are formulated with powerful and effective ingredients that attract and kill flies quickly and efficiently. These baits come in various forms, including gels, sprays, and granules, to provide a range of application methods for your convenience.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, our fly-catching equipment is a great option. From sticky traps to electric zappers, we have a variety of solutions that are sure to meet your needs. Our Electric Fly Trap is USB cable powered, safe and convenient, and can be reused for high-cost performance. It is a physical fly trap, safe and environmentally friendly, with high efficiency capture. You can try honey or sugar power, any liquid or power shape that can lure flies will be suitable as the bait. It will run very slow otherwise the flies will be scared and fly away.

Our Electric Fly Trap includes a fly trap device and comes with easy to use instructions. Spread the bait on the 5 grooves, connect the power and turn on the switch, and the fly is attracted by the bait and transferred into the box by the rotating plate. When finished, remove the fly trap box and clean.

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