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Superior Full Automatic Firing and Reloading Water Gun

Superior Full Automatic Firing and Reloading Water Gun

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Superior Full Automatic Firing and Reloading Water Gun is a convenient motorized system that pressurizes automatically and launches water with effortless pull of the trigger. The toy gun can be easily operated by adults and children.

Rapid water reloading enables you to rejoin the water fight while your opponents are still refilling. Dip the front of the squirt guns into water, fully reload and repressurize automatically in 10-15 seconds rather than manual pumping. The water blaster shoots up to 26-32 feet. High and stable pressure supplies powerful shots continuously.

Every pull of the trigger discharges a powerful individual blast of water instead of a stream of water. The automatic water gun supports USB charging with the included rechargeable battery and charging cable, not only cost saving, but also eco-friendly. Long battery life of the water guns for adults brings you unlimited summer water fun!

Made of premium ABS materials, our water guns for kids are CPC certified and complies with US Toy quality standards. The water guns are suitable for backyards, swimming pools, seaside, beaches and summer water parties with friends or family. Perfect gift toys for kids.

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