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Four-in-one Stone Manual Knife Sharpener

Four-in-one Stone Manual Knife Sharpener

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This Four-in-one Stone Manual Knife Sharpener from is the perfect tool for all your sharpening needs. Made from PP, it comes in three stylish colors: pearl white, mint green, and gentleman black.

It features four sharpening stages: slightly dull, blunt, very blunt, and ceramic fine grinding. For the slightly dull stage, it has 10 times in one direction. For the blunt stage, it has 10 singles for diamond and 10 singles for ceramic. For the very blunt stage, it has tungsten steel alloy 20 times one way, diamond 20 times one way, and ceramic 10 times one way.

This product comes with one Four-in-one sharpener. Get yours today and make sure your knives are always sharp!

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