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Fully Automatic Water Gun

Fully Automatic Water Gun

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Unleash the ultimate water battle with our fully automatic water gun. Designed for maximum excitement and convenience, our handpicked selection offers a powerful and easy-to-use water gun that takes water fights to the next level. Explore the advanced features and impressive shooting range of our fully automatic water guns, ensuring a thrilling and soaking experience for players of all ages.

Whether you`re organizing a backyard water war or simply looking for an enjoyable outdoor activity, our collection caters to various water gun enthusiasts. Prepare for epic battles and endless summer fun with our carefully curated assortment of fully automatic water guns.

Product information: Material: plastic/plastic Function: Electric continuous water spray gun Specification: 29x4x16cm Colors: Blue Glock Battery Free Edition (e-commerce box), Pink Glock Battery Free Edition (e-commerce box), White Glock Battery Free Edition (e-commerce box) Packing list: Water gun * 1 water storage tank * 1.

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