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Functional vegetable pitting knife

Functional vegetable pitting knife

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A functional vegetable pitting knife is a kitchen tool that is designed specifically for removing seeds and pits from vegetables and fruits. The knife usually has a small, sharp blade that is shaped like a curved hook, which allows it to easily scoop out the seeds or pits without damaging the flesh of the produce. This type of knife is especially useful for preparing foods like avocados, cherries, and mangoes. Some vegetable pitting knives also come with a protective sheath for safe storage.

Don't waste time in the kitchen! This hollow vegetable drill is a revolutionary new tool for making delicious fruit and vegetable fillings. It can save you time! Made of high-quality ABS material, non-toxic and durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and long service life. It also has a comfortable non-slip handle. After cutting the fruits and vegetables, the open processing tank helps you to remove the pits and remove the unnecessary pits for easy handling.

Overall, a high-quality vegetable pitting knife can make preparing fruits and vegetables much easier and more efficient. Product weight: 40.6g with color box weight: 73.5g. Product List: 1*Hole Digger.

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