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Futuristic Automatic Water Gun

Futuristic Automatic Water Gun

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Experience water warfare of the future with our futuristic automatic water gun. Designed with cutting-edge technology, our handpicked selection offers a water gun that combines style, performance, and innovation. Explore the sleek and futuristic design of our automatic water guns, ensuring rapid-fire action and precise targeting.

Whether you`re engaging in epic battles or showcasing your water gun prowess, our collection caters to those who seek a unique and advanced water gun experience. Step into the future and unleash your inner water warrior with our carefully curated assortment of futuristic automatic water guns.

Product information: Material: plastic/plastic Function: Electric continuous transmission Packaging method: Cartoon box Color: Dark Night Black Standard (with 1 lithium battery), Ivory White Standard (with 1 lithium battery), Dark Night Black (with 1 battery+2 meter water pipe + back water bag), Ivory White (with 1 battery+2 meter water pipe+back water bag) Size: 590 * 239 * 75cm Packing list: Water gun * 1 charging cable * 1 lithium battery * 1/ Water gun * 1, charging cable * 1, lithium battery * 1, water pipe * 1, back water bag * 1.

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