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Inflatable Beer Pong Float

Inflatable Beer Pong Float

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Take your party to the next level with our Inflatable Beer Pong Float. Crafted with durability and fun in mind, this float offers a unique twist on the classic drinking game. With a spacious design and built-in cup holders, our inflatable beer pong float ensures endless entertainment and friendly competition.

Whether you`re hosting a poolside gathering or heading to the beach, stand out from the crowd and create unforgettable memories with our carefully curated assortment of inflatable beer pong floats. Made from PVC, this float is available in two colors: blue (24 holes) and white (28 holes). It has a loading capacity of 100kg and measures 75 cm x 15 cm 180 cm when inflated.

Our beer pong inflatable mattress is great fun for adults and older kids around the pool. It has 3 in 1 properties: beer-pong pool, social and floating lounge. Mugs are not included in delivery. Warning: To be used under the supervision of an adult.

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