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Meows Windmill Interactive Cat Toy

Meows Windmill Interactive Cat Toy

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Meows Windmill Interactive Cat Toy is a multi-functional fun cat toy, combining a twirling catstick, a large cat mint ball, and transparent cat hole and other funs. It can better attract a cat`s interest in playing.

It comes with two plastic balls, a glowing ball, a large feather, 3 plush balls, all of which can be put in the transparent toy body. There are several different-sized cat holes on its shell, through which cats can play within this shell and fidgets with the ball and feathers inside. You can also put snacks, jerky and stuffed cat toys into the shell.

The cat can twirl the upper part of the toy quickly by patting the teaser stick to arouse his playing interest and curiosity. The cat-teasing stick has super tenacity and elasticity, and will not be damaged or snapped by cats.

The top of the toy has a transparent cover, and there is a super enlarged and enriched catmint ball within the cover and the ball can twirl. When using the catnip, you can open the cover to allow your cat to enjoy multiple play funs.

The toy adopts a hemispherical base design, with 4 non-slip rubber pads at the bottom. The toy is made from food-grade ABS, strong and durable, and free from any BPA, PVC, and phthalates, all parts use the arc shape, no worry of your cat being scratched in the use, rest assured to use.

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