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Mini Ashtray Air Purifier

Mini Ashtray Air Purifier

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Introducing the Mini Ashtray Air Purifier from This stylish and attractive air purifier is built with 15 million negative ions, a high-quality blower, and a rechargeable lithium battery with 8 hours of battery life.

It also features a built-in HEPA filter to effectively purify harmful gases such as second-hand smoke, smog, formaldehyde, pollen, and allergens. The Mini Ashtray Air Purifier utilizes HEPA filter, negative ion, and activated carbon technology to purify the air. It has a noise level of below 36dB and can purify air in an area of 11-20 cubic meters.

It comes in four colors: ceramic white, ceramic black, blue, and white porcelain. This creative and stylish air purifier is perfect for any home, office, or commercial space. Get the Mini Ashtray Air Purifier today and enjoy clean air in your space. Package content includes an ashtray, USB power cord, and a composite filter.

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