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Mini Squeeze Mop Clean Counters and Glass

Mini Squeeze Mop Clean Counters and Glass

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The Mini Squeeze Mop Clean Counters and Glass is a convenient and efficient cleaning tool. It features a single hand grip, a drag is clean, clean hands not dirty. The ring push-pull design makes it easy to dehydrate more thoroughly.

It also has a can store design, with a simple and fashionable appearance that doesn`t take up much space. The ecological cotton head is made with environmental protection and degradable technology. The product is made of plastic and the mop material is biodegradable cotton head.

It has a corrosion resistance of Class 9.0-9.9 and a dehydration rate of 90%-100%. It comes in four styles: cotton heads 3pcs + squeeze handle, cotton heads 2pcs + squeeze handle, cotton head 1pcs + squeeze handle, and cotton tips 3pcs. Sponge heads with the logo or without the logo are randomly shipped. The packing list includes one sponge mop set and one sponge head.

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