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Misting Self-Cleaning Pet Brush

Misting Self-Cleaning Pet Brush

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Our NEW Misting Self-Cleaning Pet Brush is the perfect tool for pet parents. The angled bristles are designed to brush your pet without scratching their skin. It`s great for removing knots from your pet`s fur and the self-cleaning feature makes it super convenient.

This brush is suitable for all breeds, but especially for breeds with longer, curly or wiry coats where there is a risk of tangling and matting. Plus, the integrated misting feature allows you to condition the coat while brushing, making it easier to loosen tangles.

This Pet Hair Brush is made of ABS and has a charging duration of 150 minutes. It measures 20.05 * 11.5 * 7cm and comes in a white color. The package includes a pet comb, a charging cable, and a RK56 spray Brushing Comb.

Get the Misting Self-Cleaning Pet Brush from and make grooming your pet easier and more convenient!

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