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VisionPro 4K Dual Camera Smart Drone

VisionPro 4K Dual Camera Smart Drone

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The VisionPro 4K Dual Camera Smart Drone is designed to make it easy to experience the amazing world of aerial photography. With its 4K Dual Camera, you can take stunning pictures of your surroundings and capture every moment with breathtaking clarity.

The camera can be manually adjusted to 90 degrees, making it easy to capture different beautiful scenes from up above. This model also features a three-way obstacle avoidance function, meaning the drone can fly safely without crashing into anything. With one-key takeoff and landing, ascent and descend movements, forward and backward functions and six passes with gyroscope, you`ll have complete control over your flight path.

This drone also features fuselage lights plus an adjustable speed so that you can customize your flight experience every time. So don`t wait - explore different terrains from a unique viewpoint with theVisionPro 4K Dual Camera Smart Drone today!

Specifications: Camera: 4k Front Camera, 1080p Bottom Camera; Channel: 4 Channel; Gyro: 6 Axis; Flight Time: About 8-15 mins; Charging time: About 1 hour; Drone Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh Battery; Remote Distance: 100m; Drone Size: 9.8x7.8x2.

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