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Pet Foot Washer

Pet Foot Washer

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Introducing the Pet Foot Washer, a revolutionary new product for dog and cat owners. Our foot washer cup is made from a high-quality silicone material that will not damage your pet`s skin. To use, you simply add some water to the pet-safe cup and massage your pet`s paws in it for a few seconds.

The unique jar-cup shape of the Pet Foot Washer makes it easy to grip and transport for use when out and about. After use, just rinse with water for fast reusability - no mess! The Pet Foot Washer works wonders on mud, dirt, and sand caught between claws, so you can keep your pet`s paws feeling healthy and clean wherever you go.

Plus, this great product is suitable for small or large dogs as well as cats, so you don`t have to worry anymore about their soiling floors at home or in public places. Get the Pet Foot Washer today to make sure your furry friend`s paws are kept comfortable while providing complete hygiene!

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