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Portable Inflatable Ice Bath

Portable Inflatable Ice Bath

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Overview: This Portable Inflatable Ice Bath offers more space than your typical home bathtub. No cramped recovery sessions, It has expertly crafted this bath to give you the comfort and ease you deserve. Now equipped with a free all-weather lid to elevate your cold therapy game. This elasticated cover provides a snug fit over your ice bath with effortless ease, keeping unwanted debris away from your tub to maintain the cleanliness of your water for extended periods.

Stay cool, comfortable, and in control with our triple-layered insulated fabric! Our advanced insulation technology helps maintain the desired temperature for longer, so you can enjoy the full benefits of your soon-to-be daily ice bath routine.

Product information: Material: PVC Color: Black Product size: 70x80cm Packing list: 1* Bathtub/drain pipe/drain valve/washer two/bracket 6 / air pump/cushion.

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