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Silk Cooling Pad For Dogs

Silk Cooling Pad For Dogs

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Cool down your pet in the summer with the Silk Cooling Pad for Dogs! This pet-friendly cooling pad provides an instant cooling effect and is suitable for pets of all sizes.

It is made of heat-resistant fibers, making your pet immune to the heat. The pad is composed of cold ice silk on the surface, cotton in the middle, and breathable mesh on the back. It comes in two colors: ice silk cushion blue and ice silk cushion pink.

It is available in four sizes: S (50*40cm), M (63*50cm), L (70*56cm), and XL (102*70cm). The weight of the pad varies from 100g to 320g.

This simple and effective pet cooling pad is a must-have for the summer. Get yours today and help your pet withstand the unbearable high temperature!

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