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Smoke Removal Ashtray

Smoke Removal Ashtray

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Introducing the latest in air purification technology: Smoke Removal Air Cleaning! This multi-purpose air purifying ashtray is designed to make your life easier and your home clean.

With its innovative negative ion purifying system, this portable gadget will help remove second-hand smoke, polluting particles, and odors from your home. Not only does it perform its job well, but it`s also powered by AA batteries – easily replaceable when needed. Plus, each battery can work for up to 5.2 minutes – that`s 40 times per set!

Create a healthier environment with the Smoke Removal Air Cleaning! Get yours now and start breathing even cleaner air!

Specifications: Product Color: Green, Grey, White Product Size: Approx. 13.2x7.5cm/5.19x2.95inchProduct Material: Plastic Packaging: Boxed Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (not included) Package List.1 x Ashtray Air Purifier.

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